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This order includes an online store. The layout and features follow the essence of the demo store. You can check out the demo store here. All prices shown here are VAT 0%.

When opened in a new domain (web address), your online store is usually up and running within a day. It may take longer to open in an existing domain, depending on your domain administrator.

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12mo (€29,90/mo)--358.806mo (€32,90/mo)--197.403mo (€36,90/mo)--110.701mo (€39,90/mo)--39.90

I want a Finnish online payment options in my online store.
YesNo. For me PayPal, debit and credit cards, bank transfer and payment on delivery are enough.

The online payment service is provided by Checkout Finland Oy, with which a separate agreement is made. We can apply for you when you choose the service that suits you from the options below. You can find out more about the services on Checkout Finland Oy's website. More information in finnish.

Start Package €14,90/mo. Settlements in five business days. For a start-up trader or small business owner.Wide €49,00/mo. Settlements up to a day. For traders with sales over €3000/mo.

I want you to complete the layout customization and website settings based on the material I supplied (images, texts, company information). Lump-sum payment 1797€.

I want you to pre-enter the products based on the material I submitted to my online store (e.g. images, product texts, price information). One-time fee 12.50 € / product. Invoiced separately.
An estimate of the products that will be placed in the online store at the initial stage


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